Street Style – a German woman living in London

Some people love designer fashion, some people love High Street and don’t care so much for expensive clothes. Personally I love both and enjoy mixing the two. I also love it when people can pull off great looks using High Street clothes. This German girl does a great job putting together a good classy outfit. She looks smartly dressed with her blazer jacket and her casual bright H&M top brings out a very dominant colour. The skirt has some wild patterns and most people probably wouldn’t give it second look if they saw it in a store but here, on her, it looks good. Her suede shoes is feminine and cute, and the the low heel would make them more comfortable to walk in. I like how the light shade of her shoes clashes with her black tights. I had a lovely time chatting with her and LOVE her outfit.

What do you think of her look? :]

Street Style - a German intern in London

Street Style - a German intern in London

Street Style - a German intern in London

Street Style - a German intern in London

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  • Hallo123

    bag doesnt match her fit. 
    nothing special to me, looks casual.
    expected more from your high fashion blog.

  • Claire

    Her look is so cool!! Very stylish!

  • Jules

    I like her blazer and top too!

  • I love her look, classy yet quirky! And she is also a very naturally beautiful girl :)

    Niki @ LQM&M