Olympics Window Displays by Forever 21?

I love how some of our stores have created window displays to mark the London Olympics. It city is gripped by the sporting event like never before. It was only when I was walking along Oxford Street after Selfridges had closed for the evening that I came across these windows. It looks like these mannequins are involved in some kind of sporting event, and a futuristic one at that. I am liking the neon hoops.

  • I really, really like this! I’ve become a big Forever21 fan lately. I have visited a ton in America but made my first visit to a UK based store in Manchester and I was super impressed at the layout and the overall styling xoxo.

  • I love the 4th outfit in the 6th picture!

  • Me too.  The yellow really does make it pop!

  • My son, the talented Bradley J is responsible for the FABULOUS Olympic themed window displays at Forever 21 in England this summer! Bravo B!