Bora Aksu AW16/FW16: Backstage and show – London Fashion Week

For his autumn and winter 2016 collection, London based Turkish designer Bora Aksu tells the story of Grand Duchess Olga of Russia who was the youngest daughter of Tsar Alexander III and the last Grand Duchess of Imperial Russia.

It tells a story of a journey from duchess to farm girl as she was born into the grand opulence of the Russian Empire and then forced to escape to Denmark, where she spent the remainder of her life living on farms due to the Russian revolution. The Grand Duchess lived with romantic simplicity as she worked in the fields and took on household chores – a far cry from the life she had before the revolution.

The collection contrasts opulence with simplicity, resulting in folk-romance vibes. The mixture of hard and soft textures reflects the contrast in Olga’s transformation and offers a new form of femininity: one that displays strength and softness. Her outdoor life in the fields is shown within the collection as it is marked by authentic Turkish shearling and soft leathers which are used in combination with raincoat fabrics resulting in a modern appearance.

Detailing includes pleats, patchwork and embroidery as they are influenced by the classical costumes featured in a traditional Hungarian dance film choreographed by Csaba Pálfi. Further signs of folk inspiration comes from traditional faceless Amish dolls, dressed in modest but solid clothing. Their faceless heads may not give away facial expressions but much like the lives of every human beings, they each have a story to tell.

Bora Aksu never disappoints. As per usual, his new collection excites the imagination through stories and bold designs.

The Make-up

The make-up for this show was led by Make-up Artist Georgina Graham using high-quality products from KIKO MILANO. The models took to the catwalk show with fresh skin, matte gothic rainbow eye and beautifully natural lip creating a show-stopping combination of innocence and punk.

Products included:

1) KIKO MILANO Skin Trainer Serum: to give a feeling and look of spa fresh skin.
2) KIKO MILANO Dark Circle Concealer and KIKO MILANO BB Cream: to conceal imperfections and add a hint of colour.
3) KIKO MILANO High Pigment Eyeshadow: to create a gorgeous blended rainbow from blue, to purple and black. Create a bold and conceptual shape from inner eye to outer eye – lash line to brow.
4) KIKO MILANO Lip Scrub and KIKO MILANO Lip Balm: to keep lips well conditioned, hydrated, smooth and silky.
5) KIKO MILANO Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil: to finish off the look with a light, natural definition on the brows.
6) KIKO MILANO Power Pro Nail Lacquer: to complete the look with nude nails.







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    The eye makeup is amazing! Gorgeous photos.


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